The Lisle Technology Partners team have succeeded at enhancing, evolving and developing technology into productivity-enhancing business solutions and marketable products. Our reputation for quality services to middle market and emerging companies has led LisleTech to work with the portfolio clients of well established venture capital and private equity groups. The team are all high-visibility leaders in the high-tech industry.

Adarsh Arora

Adarsh has created, managed and nurtured four successful start-ups (Athena Security, Lisle Technology Partners, Peritus Software Services and Vista Technologies). Athena was acquired by Solarwinds (NYSE: SWI) in August 2012, and Peritus did an IPO and had a market capitalization of $500 million. Athena Security was incubated within LisleTech which provides software product development services and a unique equity-based model for early stage start-up companies. Its reputation for quality services to entrepreneurial companies has led LisleTech to work with the portfolio companies of numerous Chicago and Silicon Valley venture capital firms.

Adarsh is active in the entrepreneurial community and has served on various Boards, including Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center, Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science of Northwestern University and AccelChip Corporation.

Adarsh is a frequent speaker for entrepreneurial events offered by the Kellogg School of Management and the University of Chicago's Graduate School of Business. As a member of the Chicago Mayor.s Council of Technology Advisors, Adarsh was often invited to speak on the issues involved in offshore outsourcing. He is also the recipient of the 2004 Chicago Software Association's Annual City Lights Award.

Adarsh is a founding charter member of TiE Midwest, serves on its Board and was the President for the years 2006 through 2009. TiE was founded in the Silicon Valley and it is a global organization established to guide and mentor entrepreneurs. Before launching his entrepreneurial career, Adarsh was a Program Director at the Gould Research Center, where he led multiple teams researching and prototyping ideas in the Visual Programming area. Adarsh was instrumental in winning several million dollars from the Department of Defense for these projects, and the resulting research was directly responsible for the formation and success of his first entrepreneurial venture, Vista Technologies. In 1998 Senators Paul Simon and Alan Dixon recognized Adarsh for his innovative work in software systems. Adarsh obtained his Ph.D in computer Science from Northwestern University. He has published widely in scholarly journals and won best paper awards. Many of his research contributions relating to Relational Database Technology are quoted in standard textbooks. Adarsh obtained his Ph.D in computer Science from Northwestern University.

David Hurst

David is a founding partner of Lisle Technology Partners and has been a technology entrepreneur for over 25 years, having formed and developed multiple successful technology start-ups. He is a founder and CEO of Orbital Transports, is a co-founder of Reputada, and is a founder and CTO of Lisle Technology Partners. Previously, he was a founder and CTO of Athena Security, Inc., which was acquired by Solarwinds (NYSE:SWI) in August 2012. He was also a co-founder of Peritus Software Services, which had an IPO that created a $500 million market capitalization.

David conducts strategic business consulting for advanced technology start-up companies, preparing them for successful venture capital funding and product launching. He also performs technical due diligence reviews of early stage companies for Chicago-area venture capital firms.

David Jakopac
Vice President

Dave is a founding partner of Lisle Technology Partners. He is involved in strategic start-up development, software product design and management, and venture capital due diligence. He provides strategic business consulting for software product companies. Example activities include business plan development, staffing advice, product marketing requirements preparation, launch planning, capital structure advice, and technology presentations to venture capital investors. While at LisleTech, Dave's technology presentations to venture capital companies have resulting in over $30 million in funding for his clients. For his career, including clients and companies he's founded, Dave has raised over $40 million. He co-founded and served on the board of Athena Security, Inc. On the technology development side, Dave had designed and managed the implementation of software products for start-up clients in the areas of consumer e-book devices, web-based psychological employment screening and applicant tracking, XML translators, call record processing for Telco billing, business strategy execution tools, logistics systems interfaces, 3D web-based visualization of new home construction options, and on-line 3D racing and skateboarding games. Dave has also performed technical due diligence for several private investors and venture capital firms on companies in the following markets: web-based stock purchasing and portfolio management, Enterprise Application Integration, and Business-to-Business Integration.

Prior to LisleTech, Dave developed Artificial Intelligence, Electronic Design Automation and Robotics technologies for Peritus Software Services, Vista Technologies and Gould. Dave holds Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Northwestern University and a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Florida.

Sowmitri Swamy
Founding Partner

Sowmitri was a founder and partner of Lisle Technology Partners and has been responsible for several major development projects in multiple technologies for various clients. He has also performed various technical due diligence services for Venture Capital partners. Most recently, he was VP of Engineering Athena Security, Inc. As part of the core development team, Sowmitri was responsible for product delivery, development of new functionality, specification of underlying technology, and management of the product development team.

Vijaya Raghavan
VP India Operations

Vijay leads the India operations of the company. He is based in Bangalore and his substantial experience in working at senior levels for multi-nationals has provided him with an appreciation for the market conditions in that part of the world. Vijay started out as a technologist, helped in the development and product positioning of the Athena line of products before embarking on global initiatives. Prior to Athena, Vijay headed the India operations of Lisle Technology Partners. He has also worked for Texas Instruments and IBM in a career spanning over 25 years.

Jed Abernethy
VP Business Development

Prior to LisleTechnology Partners, Jed was with Athena since its inception in 2007 and was responsible for accelerating Athena's new customer acquisition and top line growth. He was responsible for Athena's major accounts, presales and professional services, and he built and sales operations including direct marketing, customer/technical support services and brought the voice of the customer to the core management team. He brings 20+ years of high technology sales experience in IT consulting and early stage startups. His work in IT security includes Identity Access Management and web-content filtering. Jed is passionate about entrepreneurship and as president of The Big Idea Forum, a Chicago

based entrepreneurial peer group, works to foster a sustainable entrepreneurial community in Chicago. Jed is a graduate of Northwestern University.