Business Need

DBS Communications (DBS), a start-up Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), purchased cellular bandwidth at wholesale rates and sold it to individual customers at retail prices. In the process, DBS created several differentiated prepaid products that would attract customers to their service. The technology to offer these differentiated products to customers was developed at LisleTech.

Solution Offered

LisleTech worked with DBS to make it possible to offer dynamic and exciting new products to customers at short notice. This was done by developing a tool that functions as the Operational Support System for the MVNO and forms the backbone on which the business was based. Carrier Data Records (CDRs) form the input for the application. The CDRs are then processed to generate the usage records of services like voice, data, and text that are then used for billing purposes. Both product and customer related information is maintained.

The tool reads call records in real-time and processes them according to the calling plan that the customer has subscribed for. This ensures that that product (calling plan) features could be enforced. Reading and processing records at near real-time requires very high performance.

Technology Highlights

J2EE and JMS technology was used to handle the high-throughput volumes in real-time.

Engagement Model

LisleTech was hired at a very early stage in product development and functioned as an integral part of the engineering team. Several releases of the product were handled until the technology was taken in-house by the customer. DBS raised a total $15 million in venture funding.