Launched in early 2014

Reputada is a SaaS platform that translates B2B customer experiences into reputation that can be easily discovered online.

Business Need

As consumer buying habits penetrate traditional B2B markets more of the buying process is done independently without any direct contact with a business. Given this persistent trend B2B's need to rethink how they are projecting their identity and reputation to the online world. A founder identified an opportunity to bring the value of online reviews to the B2B world.

Solution Offered

The Reputada ecosystem starts with a social business platform called Ulteamo. The Ulteamo platform focuses on simplifying the feedback process making it very easy to request and submit authentic feedback. The process takes only a few minutes and can be used frequently to poll customers for feedback at multiple touch-points. Collected feedback is analyzed and a rating assigned.

As feedback is received it can be published as reputation to the Reputada website. There, it is indexed by the search engines where it can be found as people research a business. Business owners have complete control over what comments from customers are published on the site for public viewing.

Technology Highlights

Built on top of a highly configurable social media platform.

Engagement Model

Fully incubated within Lisle Technology Partners with investment of $1.2M to-date.