Talent Plus is the Leading Talent Assessment Partner and a premier global human resources consulting firm with over 200 world-class clients. Their founders have spent more than 50 years studying successful individuals across positions and industries. Based on empirical data, Talent Plus has developed reliable, validated instruments that allow organizations to assess an individual's aptitude to perform a specific job with excellence. Talent Plus has the research, selection tools and supportive technology to help clients around the world identify, select and develop the best, while consistently showing exponential ROI and improved performance outcomes.

Business Need

Realizing the need for a more scalable and more flexible platform, Talent Plus sought out a new development partner to revamp their online product delivery. LisleTech was called in to develop a completely new version of the system that would scale and provide a basis for easier third party integrations. LisleTech successfully released the new version within a year of starting the engagement.

Solution Offered

LisleTech designed improvements to the existing Talent Plus solution to allow for greater uptime, more robust architecture, and low maintenance. Internationalization was made easier and due to this Talent Plus now offers assessments in more than 20 languages across the globe. Talent Plus continues to work with LisleTech to enhance the current platform, including enhanced analytics, global scale-out and improved support for Talent Plus Research Team projects.

Technology Highlights

Java, J2EE, Hibernate, Spring, JBoss, Grails, and JavaScript.

Engagement Model

LisleTech has carried out multiple projects for Talent Plus in an engagement lasting from 2005 to the present and continues to be the outsourced engineering and production operations partner for Talent Plus. LisleTech has continued to play a fundamental role in product development for Talent Plus and now works with Talent Plus as it enhances its own internal development and operations staff.

For more information about Talent Plus, visit www.talentplus.com or call 1.800.VARSITY (827-7489).