Acquired by Collective, 2011

Tumri Inc. was founded in 2004 with the aim of creating a totally new online advertising experience. The organization created online advertising solutions such as Dynamic Media, Dynamic Messaging, Dynamic Response, and Dynamic Insight. The flagship product Tumri Ensemble is a self-serve platform for dynamic creative and offer optimization. Tumri was acquired by Collective in 2011.

Business Need

In 2006, Tumri Inc. required the technology to make a strong entry into the online advertising space. The existing solution available at Tumri US was coded in LISP and needed to be converted to Java to fully tap into the benefits of fast-evolving web technologies. This required the skills of top-notch programmers even while costs had to be kept stringently under control. A further requirement was that the team should fully appreciate the high levels of responsibility and commitment required to be able to create a sophisticated software product. Complex algorithms had to be written to consider items that an individual user would search for; in order that later searches would display advertisements of a similar item and also take into account the user.s demographics.

Solution Offered

The entire team was incubated out of LTP India. Starting with a single engineer working half-time, the team eventually grew to around 15 programmers working full time. These engineers had the ability to work with abstract ideas and low supervision and be compatible with the culture of a US startup.

Technology Highlights

All the code used in the Tumri solutions was written in Java except for the browser technology that used Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI).

The technology involved high-performance web frameworks and big data weblog files that could sustain 100 million to 0.5 billion hits per month.

Engagement Model

Incubation of team for a US firm using the build-operate-transfer (BOT) approach. The team grew to about 15 people by 2010. This engagement began in 2006 and continued until late in 2010. Tumri raised a total of $20 million in venture funding.